Iso Briselli Airs Mendelssohn Work
—New York Post, 1940

"Iso Briselli, the accomplished young Russian-American violinist gave Mendelssohn's recently unearthed F Minor Sonata its first performance at Town Hall Mr. Briselli, who is a meticulous as well as an inspired player, gave it a smooth lyric performance that made its beauties more conspicuous than its ills."

Music In Review
—New York Times

"...His success with the much sterner problems posed by the Bach Chaconne was in many ways equally commendable Mr. Briselli, aware of his responsibilities, strove for this perspective. It took the courage of high purpose to resist the temptation of "giving all" in many a juice bar so that the form of the whole should in the end tell its larger message. This was the most impressive chaconne heard in recent seasons from a young artist."

Iso Briselli in Recital

"The promise revealed last season in the debut of the young violinist, Iso Briselli, saw its fulfillment yesterday afternoon at Town Hall. The rich tone, the capable technique have been made known before; now, giving purpose to both, is a new-found musical poise and a personal interpretive voice."

All-Phila. Evening Ends Forum Season
—The Philadelphia Inquirer, 1941

"The high point of the evening was Briselli"s playing of the Sonata No. 3 in D minor for violin alone, by Eugene Ysaye. With a tone of extraordinary volume and beauty, great technical skill and commanding artistry of interpretation, Briselli revealed his ever-increasing musical growth. Later he scored in a group of shorter works by contemporary composers..."

Iso Briselli, Violinist, Gives Town Hall Recital
—Herald Tribune, 1940

"Mr. Briselli who, at twenty-seven, has a considerable sense of individuality of style as well as developed technique, gave the sonata an appealing interpretation the tonal texture was praiseworthy in the Mendelssohn sonata and in Ysaye's music, which was presented with the substantial sonority needed for an unaccompanied violin work and simple imaginative color."

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